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Purpose. Principles. Culture.
We're Orient Global Manufacturing company.

Starting as a trading company for raw materials and chemical products for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, we have come to realize that the world’s population is rapidly increasing and there is a huge demand placed on limited resources. Presently, we are moving to be a one-stop Chemical and Agro Allied products processing giant in Africa by setting up plants to locally process some of the materials and chemicals we trade.

As the world becomes more populated and urbanized, consumption keeps increasing and sustainability is becoming a major challenge. We are committed to contributing to the production of safer, cleaner, and more sustainable consumer goods, pharmaceutical and personal care products. Our commitment has challenged us to create many remarkable achievements in the last 16 years of business. We may not manufacture the consumer end product, but Orient Global will always provide the input that delivers the product.

  • Our people.

    Are the most dedicated and skilled builders in the country. We develop and nurture “homegrown” talent – the average tenure of an Orient employee is 6 years – that allows us to pass down knowledge to each new generation and allows our employees to develop into masters of their craft through years of experience.

  • Our process.

    Developed in close collaboration with our partners and clients, combines industry knowledge, decades of experience, ingenuity, and adaptability to deliver excellence to our clients. Whether it’s a medical facility, a Chemical Solution, or Textile Materials, our process is uniform.

  • Partnership.

    We have long standing relationships with our clients and our partners – from subcontractors to craft specialists to financing and beyond. We’ve developed these relationships based on mutual respect and earned trust. We work only with trusted professional partners, all of whom are well-versed in the Group.

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